The Watson & Brookman 50Kg Batch Peeler features an abrasive drum and rotating plate mounted on pneumatic cylinders within a compact body.

Available as a stand-alone unit or within a processing line, the WB Batch Peeler is a reliable and highly versatile machine.

Control of the batch infeed is achieved by either a timed infeed belt or weigh hopper.

Integrated touch screen allows for optimised control of the peel cycle.

Control panel with Ethernet capabilities as standard provides automated control of the waste system, including waste pump, waste tank and waste compactor.

If connected to the WB Weigher Bagger the peeler control can calculate the yield of a processing line through weighing of the product at both ends of the processing line.

Batch Peeler Product Details


The Watson & Brookman Continuous Peeler features a series of rollers arrayed in line with product flow.

A central auger pushes product through the peeler to the outfeed.

Rollers are available as abrasive coating or brushes, depending on product and finish required.

Highly robust, the Continuous Peeler is suitable for high volume processing operations.

Waste collection and processing solutions are available to complement this machine.

Fully stainless steel construction as standard with carborundum coated rollers.

Guarded top hatch and clean out doors allows for easy and safe access for cleaning and maintenance.

Continuous Peeler Product Details


Established in 1977, WB Engineers are a family run business known for their manufacturing of high quality stainless steel products within the agricultural crop spraying and food processing industries.

Through continuous investment in modern high tech machinery we are able to offer our customers a wide range of services. This flexibility, together with a wealth of experience built up over 40 years, enables us to manufacture any special fabrications required by our customers.