Product List

We manufacture the following hoppers:-

  • 15 Litre Single Can Wash Hopper
  • 15 Litre Single Can Wash (SHALLOW) Hopper
  • 25 Litre Single Can Wash
  • 25 Litre Twin Can Wash
  • 30 Litre Twin Can Wash
  • 35 Litre Single Can Wash
  • 35 Litre Twin Can Wash
  • 50 Litre Single Can Wash
  • 50 Litre Twin Can Wash

Unique and Bespoke

As seen above we produce a wide range of chemical induction hoppers for a variety of suppliers and customers. These can be seen on machines made by most of the major crop sprayer manufacturer’s.

The Watson & Brookman Can Wash Valve has been specifically designed and manufactured in house for this application. It features a uniquely designed bypass valve that means minimal force is required to operate the valve regardless of pump pressure.

With the facilities available at Watson & Brookman we can produce bespoke hoppers to specifically suit the customer’s needs, please contact us for more information.